26 August 2009

Interim Update

 Interim Update

11am 26 August 2009


It’s amazing how hard it is to blog without the Internet.  For one thing, weeks seem to slip by unnoticed.  For another, I have become very Pavlovian about the interface.  However, it’s time I started to break that cycle.


Of course, one reason all those weeks slipped by almost unnoticed is that I have been very ill for most of it.  The day after I last posted, I developed severe vertigo with uncontrollable stomach distress.  It was almost a week before I could roll over in bed without vomiting, and the dizziness still hasn’t resolved.  (I am, however, finally able to get around without a walking frame.)


Another reason is that Rod was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, possibly celiac disease, a few days after i started to recover.  Now, if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that Rod is an avid bread baker...  wheat in almost any form has alwasy been one of his very favorite foods!  As you can imagine, this has been quite an adjustment.  I wouldn't say we're on our way yet, but Rod took a gluten free cooking class last night and we've been gathering recipes to try. 


And then there is the whole Internet thing...it seems we have been "Comcastrated".  There is no one else in our area who can provide us with Internet and phone service.  AT&T swears that our address doesn't exist, and they want hundreds of dollars to connect us up to their system...after a summer of layoffs that's just not an option even if we thought it was reasonable.  The current plan is to make a weekly adventure of going to the cafe to check our mail and post our blogs and catch up on Facebook.  (Actually, Rod and Jack have been doign that all along.  I need to find a used laptop that we can afford before I can participate.  I do borrow Rod's laptop to check my mail on the web just to make sure nothing I need to deal with has come up, but once I can download my mail and then deal with it at home, I can get back top something resembling correspondance.)


Oh, and Rod has changed his cell phone number to the number that was originally our home phone number...in case you're keeping track. 


The card I was working on came out pretty well...and I have gone on to experiment with variations.  I'll post about that later, when I can include pictures.  ;) 


Thanks for your patience!