26 September 2007

The books the Disney films are based on

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    1. I was searching up the book source for a specific Cold War-era Disney movie and found your site.

      Thanks for the Disney info and good on you for homeschooling/no TV.

      Since I'm researching the history of US government (USG) propaganda history, I'll trade you some info on what Disney/TV/movies really are.

      Disney and Hollywood were taken over during WWII by the USG's new propaganda beaurocracy called the Office of War Information (OWI).
      All efforts were channeled to the war effort with a heavy emphasis on radio and movies, mass media which can reach the illiterate.

      All behavioral research at the Ivy League universities, psychology, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, neuroscience, etc. were focused for purposes of governance, that is, manipulating the attitudes of the masses.

      Since war became permanent after 1945, so did the USG propaganda system which became secret since psychological manipulation is most effective when the target doesn't know it is happening.

      And when attempting to shape a nation's culture, conditioning children's minds is both the most critical task and the easiest.

      In 1951 a new office within the CIA was formed for this purpose called the Psychological Strategy Board.

      All the propaganda tricks used in radio and movies were used in the new hybrid called television. The same people working for the OWI worked in television, too.

      The CIA's main task is to use what we call "mainstream media" (TV, movies, radio, press, publishing, etc.) to control the flow of information, create 'normal' government-friendly personalities, and motivate Americans to carry out the policies determined by the National Security State.

      The most important USG-CIA goal is sustaining Warrior Culture, originally for national defense but now for reasons of economics and social control.

      Disney's role as an overt maker of WWII propaganda and training films changed to being a covert USG asset to create predictable social cohesion using obedience to male authority figures as an anchor -kings, princes, lions, etc.

      Disney, along with other USG covert propaganda for children, works very hard to get potential military recruits using gender role models, stereotypes, and anthropomorphism (cute animals), and hero/anti-hero narrative devices where male warriors are the heros and everyone else is the anti-hero, especially females for all they stand for - compassion, nurturing, cooperation, sensitivity, etc.

      Propaganda science calls this "reducing the sphere of unpredictability."

      Disney also creates counterpropaganda against scandals, ugly history, exposed covert operations, etc., to protect children's trust in authority figures (like the USG) by making decoy movies as diversions based on inoculation theory cognition neuroscience.

      Search up the "mutual exclusivity" effect.
      Simply put-
      First come, first served.
      The brain tends to just keep information so what it is first exposed to sticks better than a later modified version of the same info. Propaganda science calls this effect "primacy."

      Disney deploys movies as emotional shock-absorber amusement to keep children from being horrified by each new weapon technology. Instead it is made into cool adventure or sci-fi movies.

      For instance, the reason I found this site was because of a CIA operation that went terribly wrong called 'Acoustic Kitty.' The CIA spent millions of dollars to implant listening devices in a living cat complete with an antennae in its tail.
      The poor cat was run over during testing and the program ended but if children learned about this abuse of a cute animal, they'd be hostile to CIA and, by association, the US government.

      So three counterpropaganda decoy movies were made, two by Disney-
      1) The Three Lives of Thomasina
      2) That Darn Cat
      and one in the UK-
      3) The Spy With the Wet Nose.

      Yes, the spooks just write the scripts for Americans to live by. It is that simple.
      And they try to raise our children right under our noses using TV and movies.

      This is not paranoia along the lines of those Bible-thumpers afraid that cartoon characters will turn your kid gay although every time this kind of misinformed vigilance pops up it creates a 'snicker-factor' which serves to deter people from researching just how early their children get their basic concepts of 'how things are' in the world.

      This is real National Security State military-intelligence history since WWII and began before WWI.

      Here are some links to a parapolitical forum database with some of this USG social engineering history dots to connect in exposing CIA psy-ops (psychological operations) which targets everyone but especially children.

      Principles of Propaganda in U.S. since 1935

      WWII Hollywood run by the Office of War Information

      OSS (WWII CIA) and Psychological Warfare

      The CIA in Hollywood: 1953 studio CIA mole writes to boss at Psychological Strategy Board, C.D. Jackson

      CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein 10/20/77 Rolling Stone based on 1976 Senate hearings


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