06 April 2011

We're Moving!

Having become completely fed up with Blogger -- which is often unavailable when I have time to blog and ditches pictures as fas as I can upload them -- I got desperate and have been playing with Word Press.

Chez Smiffy is moving to http://delaney-smith.net/ChezSmiffy/

It's ugly and at the moment content is sparse, but that's where I'll be. Goodbye blogger.  I will miss your google hits.  ;)

02 April 2011

Misti's 365 Project: Day 65

Trying to work with extremely bright light. Not there yet. (Third try to post this.)

April! Almost time for gardening!

I hope Blogger will let me show you this photo.  I love that I was able to catch the "moody" clouds!  Of course, it wasn't as vivid before post production, as you see in the 365 photo, but I feel very pleased nonetheless.  ;)

I can't tell you how many posts I have had to do over and over (or just throw away) because blogger loses the photo in so many posts.  I find it deeply annoying.  Between that and being "unavailable" when I have a moment to blog so frequently has me back at work trying to figure out Wordpress.  It can't be that hard -- I just haven't figured it out yet.  Library to the rescue -- I got a Wordpress for idiots book and I will play with it today.

Next weekend is the Big Event -- I will be starting my seeds indoors!  I hope they'll grow faster and feel more robust when I start them with the warmer weather in the house.  I used a heat pad under them, but it was still nippy when we uncovered them to water them.

(This weekend is a very different kind of "big event".  We found we had nothing planned for Saturday ... well, other than karate and qui gong.  Jack was very annoyed that I consider karate "nothing".

Did I mention?  Rod started studying qui gong at Jack's dojo a few weeks ago.  I'll let him explain what it is, but it looks to me rather like tai chi.  A "soft" art, as Rod calls them.  And he seems to be benefiting by it.  After only a few weeks, his joints seem more flexible when he moves.  Maybe one day I'll be up to joining him.

The corn in the decongestants that I took to relieve my dizziness was enough to set me off again -- this time resulting in phantom mouth pain from the pressure in my sinuses.  But as far as we (and our compounding pharmacist) can find out, every form of decongestant from every brand, contains corn.  So, all in all, this is really stupid.  Mouth pain is less embarrassing then vertigo, but it's not a big improvement.  And that explains why I may not post a lot for a while (again).  It's hard to be witty -- or even coherent -- with a toothache in teeth that don'e exist.  ;)

(That, and I have many many photos printed to get some scrapbooking done, several how to books on loan from the library to experiment with before they're due, and some gorgeous weather to enjoy!

Misti's 365 Project: Day 64