27 September 2008

I'm sick

I have started a half dozen deep and meaningful posts over the last three weeks, but they all lie unfinished in my drafts files.
The major reason is that our new lifestyle promotes a LOT of family time. Which of necessity means relatively less blogging time.

The other reason is that last week, Jack was sick. This week, I have what he had last week. The major symptoms are exhaustion, sore throat and runny nose, the combination of which makes me feel thick and wordless.

It's embarrassing to admit, by my five year old is a lot better about illness than I am. He fell asleep any time we lefty him alone for a few minutes but I whine. Poor Rod.

On the bright side, Rod and I watched "Escape from Affluenza" last night. I had been wanting to see that for some time and then I discovered that my local library has it on DVD. I checked it out on Sunday and Rod was sweet enough to let me use his computer last night, since my speakers gave up the ghost a few weeks ago.

Jack didn't enjoy it so much -- it was far too long and earnest for him. It was kind of cute, though, trying to reassure me that the land fill is a *good* think because it makes out house cleaner! (I could hardly argue that point, and I wasn't feeling sharp enough to make a sensible argument anyway but I can see that there are subtleties we need to work on.)

On another bright side, I have hit a "sweet spot" in card making and the last two birthday cards I have made have each struck me as my "best yet".

Now, into the shower with me. I have to be at work very early this week because I'm in training to try to wrap my mind around ITIL. It's very interesting stuff, but at 7:30 in the morning I am supposed to be sipping coffee and contemplating life, not sitting in a classroom!


  1. I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Thanks, Valerie. I know I will -- it didn't last long for Jack. (And I was in bed before dinner last night in the interest of conquering this thing.)


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