04 September 2009

Card Making

Not having the Internet has left me a lot more time for crafting! That’s a good thing because I am sending out about 7 cards a month to honour birthdays this year. (I will probably be cutting way back next year. This has been fun, but it’s a lot of work, and a little disheartening to wonder if any of them have arrived as intended.)

I posted as one of my lasts posts before the Big Change that I wanted to experiment with a tri-shutter card I had found online. I have been working with the template for several weeks, and have made three versions of it. I’m pretty happy with how it’s come out. As you can see, I favour the romantic effect that first got my attention.
I have even started to experiment with the alternative template for a flat front card, and then I want to see what I can do with more modern or more masculine effects. (Guy cards are one of my biggest challenges. Most of my relatives are men and boys, but only rarely do I come up with a guy card I really like.)
Blogging from a Mac with no mouse and a teeny laptop keyboard is taking some getting used to -- but I will keep trying. Never fear -- I am still here and I am getting better at this stuff. I hope soon to have the last part of the curriculum series done and posted. Maybe by Tuesday...


  1. These are lovely Misti


  2. I enjoyed receiving the birthday card that you sent me. Thanks for it! I'm surprised that people don't acknowledge the birthday cards that you send them -- especially if they are as amazing as the ones pictured here. Wow!

  3. Thanks, Linda!

    Valerie, I'm so glad that you enjoyed getting a card...and I was delighted to hear from you at the time. My cards seem to be "all over the board" ... some really wow me, and some make me wonder whether I should send them at all. With such a crowded calendar this year, they've all had to go out, whether they're OK, or I love them...certainly I can understand when the ideas don't come out that great why people don't respond. ;)

  4. Hi Misti,

    Tried to post last week or the week before to say sorry to hear that you'd been so ill. For some reason it didn't go through. I'm assuming that you're feeling better.

    The cards are beautiful.

    Not much is new here.

    Hugs to all,
    Janis B.


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