03 March 2009

Eavestaff Pianette

A very quick note for those folks who are looking for information about pulling apart an Eavestaff Pianette, the site is here.

Just to be clear, this is the US made Minipiano built by Hardman, Peck and co.

I expect I'll be editing this from time to time to improve the content, but that little site is still more information than I have been able to find anywhere on the web.

Take care



  1. Hi,

    I live in Toulouse (france) and i have the same pianette. I would like to repair it but i don't know if it is possible...i am interested by information about maintenace on it

  2. Hello,

    I've bookmarked your Eavestaff Website to my browser. I've just about finished fixing a Mason & Risch "Minipiano" the " Mason & Risch" was mostly lost from water damage on the name board. I've gone over the entire piece with a wipe-on poly... Surprisingly looks better than expected. I managed to Save the other Decals On the piano. It appears to be made almost identical to the one on your site. I think the patent date is 1937 on mine. A few minor differences. Mine is also "Book-matched" Walnut with ash sections that are stained to match ( same with the Bench) ..... I'll have to send you pics if you're interested.... I'm Lending it to a friend so they can learn to play.

    J. M. jamwork@hotmail.com

  3. I too have a US made Eavestaff Pianette. Can you tell me what they might sell for?

  4. Cool, I have an Eavestaff Pianette that I think I'll either restore or find a home for it where someone may want to restore it.
    I like the sound of it. And I like that its small. (compact) I think its an interesting piano. If you know anyone interested in it let me know. I'm in Michigan.

  5. It would be easier to let you know if we could find you, Anon...but feel free to check back here and I'll put through any requests.

  6. oops, I wanted to thank you and I guess I was suppose to thank you here! I see your home schoolers as well. Years back I home schooled my boys for a few years. They are some of my favorite memories. Thanks again for your help with my piano. Hopefully I'll be able to fix that last key.

  7. I'd actually be interested in buying an Eavestaff Pianette, if Anonymous above still has and is interested in selling. Otherwise, do you know how I might find one? I, too, am in Michigan.

  8. Hi, I am very eager to find a Pianette to buy here in the US (its seems like mini pianos are much more prevalent in the UK...). Does anyone know where I might look. Eavenstaff would be great, but there are a number of other makers that used to make 5 and/or 6 octave pianos in NA, sometimes refered to as mini or "ships pianos".

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am having to sell my home to pay for medical bills (Lyme Disease) but would REALLY like to have a piano around - I am moving to a trailer that will sometimes be "off the grid" so keyboards etc are no good (even if teh purist in me could stomach one!).

    Thanks in advance for any help,
    Merilee Temple
    Ontario, Canada

  9. Nice site. I was amazed to find someone else with the same Pianette. My mother was given the piano I have when she graduated from high school in the 1930's by her father who owned a music store in Kansas. I loved playing this piano because of it's beautiful sound. Now it needs work and, unfortunately, I need to find it a new home by the end of April. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of putting it on Craig's List or selling it for parts (?), if that's a reasonable option.
    Thanks again.


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