18 March 2009

wow...what a trip!

I am writing from the Hotel Norlandia Star, just outside Copenhagen's Central station and a few blocks from the Danish Royal Palace (which, incidently, seems to be under construction).

We have been visiting my kids in Sweden and we will be home this evening. I'm whipped, and want to be asleep, but Rod paid for Internet, so I had to say "Hej"!

We have seen castles, and Cathedrals, and lots of beautiful countryside. But mostly we have drunk coffee and beer and chatted with TJ, Corey, and Wanja and we have explored a children's play emporium, drawn pictures, and writ
ten lists, and had a blast with Bella and Leo.

Jack not only learned to deal with Boss and Chanel, the Rotweilers in the family, but he actually got fond of them and was sen cuddling with them more than once. It's been marvelous and I am sure I will have a lot more to say once I've slept and can write on my own keyboard, (Laptops seem like good idea, but in practice they're too small in the keyboard. Between that and the inscrutable Mac keyboard commands, I have had to rewrite this post in almost every paragraph as I get confused and it all turns to capitals or all the letters are off by one. Oops.)


We're happy to hear from you; thanks!