13 April 2009

And the bedroom is painted!

We finished painting in fours hours, thanks to Bob. Not only is he fast, but he's so skilled that even moving like lightening, he did a much better job than I did.

Isn't it beautiful?
We spent yesterday Friday getting ready to paint. Saturday we did the painting, and on Sunday we put the bedroom back together.

I am utterly delighted with how it came out. (So is Rod. Every time he walks into the room -- even when he thinks I'm sleeping-- he says "This room is so pretty.")

It seems to me that the chocolate walls make the frilly, girly, "Pre-Rod" decor less girly than it was with red walls. That and the good solid 1950s bedroom suit add a decided masculine touch. Dontchathink?

The original plan had a subtle tone-on-tone stripe, but Bob recommends that we wait a few weeks for the base coat to cure before we tape off for the stripe.

I'm happy to do that because this looks just lovely the way it is. I still need some more art--this room is much bigger than the last couple of bedrooms I've had and the art that filled them up nicely looks pretty paltry in this one. Ahh, well, something will turn up, I know.

Now the major areas feel like home. Not bad for three years residence, eh? *grin*

Of course, there are still areas that could use attention -- like the peeling wall paper in the foyer (that has to be bad feng shui, doesn't it?) and the no longer possible to clean upstairs bathroom walls. But that's part of the fun of being a homeowner -- and the smaller rooms are less daunting. Painting them doesn't require that the house be thrown into disarray.

Oh, and through all of this, we played round robin with the flu, which I believe I mentioned in an incoherent post yesterday. We're all better, though none of us are back to optimal just yet.


  1. I agree with Rod. It IS a pretty room! Every time I see pictures of the interior of your house I think I should ask you to come decorate my house--something I am hopeless at lol. Your home seems so beautiful yet cozy. Just the way a home should be. Too bad there are so many miles between us! I may make it to Michigan this fall though.

  2. Aww, thanks, Gina!

    I am actually winging it after drooling at friends homes for years without having the confidence to try it myself.

    I am finding that a lovely wall colour seems to tie together all my jumbled hand-me-downs into a unified "look" in a way that a white wall simply can't.

    Oooh, if you get to Michigan. please let us know and stop by Chez Smiffy for a cuppa! The kids can play and we can compare notes. :p


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