06 April 2009


No, no, No!

I love winter, but it was spring! I know it was -- I was outdoors in spagetti straps! It's SPRING! It's time for spring!!!

Or... maybe not. I woke up to a white, white world.

Oh well. Gotta love April.

Jack and Oliver on the train after a hard day at Bus Fabriken
It was a good weekend. Well, give or take a mouse.

On Friday, we went to a party at Miss Debra's house. It was lovely to see everyone and we had a good time, though on Friday everyone is tired, and we all called it a night pretty early.

On Saturday, we made the kitchen mouse-safe by moving everything into glass or into the refrigerator. Then we dropped Rod off at the Ypsi Citizen gathering and Jack and I ran errands -- we got to the library to pick up some things we had on reserve, then we went to the coop and got the tea and sugar to make another batch of kombucha, then we went and had a snack and read our books at the Corner Brewery while we waited for Rod's meeting to be over.

On Sunday, we had breakfast with Steve and Maggie Pierce at Cafe Luwak's new breakfast buffet. That was lovely. I really enjoy their company and wondered why we haven't seen more of them! Then we ran off to get Grandpa John, and then Mark T. And then we went to the Great Lakes Primitives demo out in Chelsea. It was very interesting, not very crowded, and we all had fun. It took as long to get there as we felt inspired to stay -- but Jack scored an obsidian arrow-head and an animal bone bead, and I was able to watch a very talented lady make a basket from plant stems. I would have liked to have a chance to talk to her more about that, but the guys were getting restless, so off we went.

We had some dinner in Ferndale and then dropped John off and were home in time to get the pantry organized into glass before bedtime. It's funny how, with everything in jars, how little room it takes and how tidy it all looks. It took an uninvited boarder to inspire us to action, but I'm glad we did it. I think cooking is about to get a lot easier! (And I think fewer things will disappear into the stacks and go unused.) We may even have less duplication now that we can see everything easily.

I do find myself wondering whether Jack actually learned anything about flint knapping...but I did. I had a blast! Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. I don't think Jack needed to learn much about flint knapping beyond the fact that it still happens and the guys can produce very beautiful, very sharp works of art that look much like they did a million years ago...and that was the point in my opinion, a small step towards making stone-age culture real for him ... all those years ago, still every but as human, and every bit as bright as we are, without the advantage of written history.

  2. I would love to see your "recipe" fopr making kombucha. The stuff they sell in the stores here leaves a bit to be desired.

    I have been storing our foodstuffs in clear containers (some glass and some plastic) for a year now and it really does help. :)

    PS LOVE the picture of Jack and Oliver napping on the train.

  3. What a pretty house!!

  4. Thanks, Maggie!

    Gina, The first step in making kombucha is the scoby. After that, it's tea, sugar, and time. Once you're in charge, you can ferment is as long or as short as you like. ;)


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