13 April 2009

You think you know who your socially conscious purchases support?

I recently came across an article that reinforces my determination to buy local and to focus on purchases that are of basci components rather than "manufactured" goods, whereever possible.

AlterNet ran an article, which Joseph Mercola picked up, about how all those old community co-op standbys are being gobbled up by MegaCorp.

What's wrong with that, you wonder? Just means broader distribution for a good product you say?

I wish.

When they buy a brand for its goodwill value, MegaCorp rarely leave its formula alone, and I doubt they have much concern for the values that made the product popular in the first place. It's all about the image.

When Coco-cola bought Odwalla juices, it stopped producing the fresh squeezed orange juice that had made it famous because the time and distance involved with Coco Cola's SOP was the ruin of the fresh squeezed flavor. When PepsiCo bought Naked Juice, the first task on the list was to pasteurize it.

If that's what you're paying extra for -- image with only what substance is convenient, that's cool. Buy away.

Me, I'm going to go buy some oranges and some oat groats for my porridge and OJ breakfast.

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