20 May 2009

One of my favorite things...

Lately, Jack and I have been taking walks together whenever we have time during the day. We walk mostly down to Coleman's Farm Market because, like me, Jack seems to prefer to have a destination. By the time we've walked the whole thing, it's just about two miles, which is the perfect walking distance. Jack gets a little tired right at the end, but we buy a little fruit at the market, and that keeps him going.

Of course, given the neighborhood, our walks are "nature walks". We observe plants, animals, insects and birds. Last time we were out, Jack found a robins egg, discarded on the ground. We hunted and hunted in the nearby trees, but we never did find the nest it fell from. We discuss anything and everything, too. Six is a good age for that -- Jack has a lot on his mind and usually has the words, eventually, to help me understand.

We also pick up trash. That was Jack's idea -- he is horrified that what "people are doing the world we share! It belongs to all of us and they shouldn't mess it up!". Not sure where he's getting the propaganda, but it's working. On our last trip, we got two bags of trash -- he's not wrong. People who drive these streets really are making a mess!

On the trip home, we carry fruits, vegetables, and plants. On one trip, Jack was begging me to find plants or seeds for cow peas and garbanzos because "I love cow peas and garbanzos!". I found seeds for cow peas, and we agreed, that given their preference for relative dry, we'd plan to grow garbanzos once we move to Victoria.

It warms a mothers heart!

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  1. Nice post! And Jack's braid looks cute!


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