07 May 2009


I've been a slug.

I keep thinking of things to post -- but somehow, I never get the chance to sit down at the keyboard long enough. Something about the sound of tapping on keys brings a small boy barreling from wherever he is in the house to sit on my lap. I have a half-dozen half-written blog posts to show for my efforts. All about things like Miss Mouse and her move to the country and flooded basements full of sewage, and the brilliance of lilacs in May. But that kind of post is much harder to get back to than the diatribe I posted last night. My thoughts on Disney have developed over decades. Miss Mouse was of passing interest and the backed up sewer lines aren't something I really want to dwell on.

Word around the office -- rumour so far -- is that I may have extra time to try to blog over the summer, courtesy of Chrysler. We aren't sure what form the furlough will take --two equally likely scenarios seem to be circulating - one has us off for a couple of weeks, the other has us working short weeks. Money will be tight in either case -- but I have to say, more time at home is nonetheless sounding good to me. The garden will help defray some of the food bills and we won't have winter heating and lighting bills...so as long as its not too extreme we should be OK.

Jack turned six yesterday, and for the last two nights, he has moved his "Prince Bed" from our room into his own. Wow...that was abrupt. So much for the theory that once you start the family bed, you'll never get the kid out. This was Jack's idea. The ned was too crowded, so he moved from the family bed to the "Prince Bed" on the floor. Then, once he was on the floor anyway, it took a week for im to move it to his own room. I can't say how long that will continue, but Rod and I both feel the empty spot between us. We gaze with mixed feelings in Jack's direction, then grin and cuddle up together like we did in the old days.

Homeschooling is going pretty well. Jack and I are reading Seth of the Lion People as a part of his Neolithic unit -- excellent story! I wish I could find one more novel, but Sheldra of Neolithic Orkney, a picture book, was pretty good and was the only other book I could find that was suitable. It gets easier after this unit, though. Especially once we hit Egypt, the problem won't be in *finding* a book but in narrowing it down. Other than stories, jack and Rod seem to be focussed on arithmatic right now -- Jack has been on a push to learn his addition and subtraction tables because he wants to learn to multuiply and Rod refuses to teach him until he has the basic addition and subtraction tables down (so that he can grok multiplication).
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Oops -- it's getting late. I fit this in by writing *before* I had my morning chores done and now I'll have to hurry. I still have mothers day cards to finish!


  1. We're waiting to here how long the Chrysler "vacation" will be too.

    Showed many of my friends your Disney list... we are all getting ready to fill our book bags with the originals. Thanks again for compiling it.


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