28 June 2009

A birthday trip to the zoo!

We went to the zoo today to celebrate my birthday.
We ate ice cream, and saw dinosaurs, and had a blast!
I am sunburnt, exhausted, and very, very happy.
Good night!


  1. Happy Birthday! (Misti's or Jack's?)

    They have dinosaurs at the zoo? Cool!


  2. Oops, I wasn't clear on that (given how often Jack posts from my account.)

    It was mine (Misti).

    Yes, the dinosaurs exhibit will be at the Detroit Zoo until September 7 -- they're the animatronic "life size" models in a very nice setting.

  3. Misti,
    What is the Detroit Zoo like? What type of critters and habitats do they feature? We will actually be in that neck of the woods in Sept. and our zoo has reciprocal membership with most midwest zoos.

    Looks like you all had a fun day!

  4. Happy birthday Misti =) I got slightly fried last time we went to the 'zoo' too (ours was Seaworld though.. still qualifies for a zoo I think!) Hope it doesn't take ya too long to 'decrispify'

  5. Happy Birthday Misti!!! :)

  6. Thanks, Caz and Valerie!

    Yeah, we did, Gina. It was fun!


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