17 June 2009

There's so much to say ...

But there's no time.So I hope you'll enjoy this visual evidence of my progress in the garden.

Herbs along the outside, tomatoes (badly in need of weeding) and potatoes along the inside, and peppers and eggplants in the inner row, with wheat in the middle. The heap of sand between the peppers and the wheat will be the next row-to contain cabbage and (more) eggplant, if Rod's bunny deterrent has worked. Eggplant and...more tomatoes? if not.

No -- the gate's not finished yet -- Rod stopped with that to find and fix Mr Bunny's back door. ;)


  1. Your tomatoes badly need a wedding? Shouldn't they just try living together first?

  2. *giggle* They're doing that just fine so far, Mark. ;)


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