21 June 2009

Happy solstice everyone!

Today, the sun crossed into the sign of Cancer, heralding in summer for this year. Last night and tonight are the shortest nights of the year, and traditionally, this has been a day of great celebration -- especially in Northern Europe, where winter can mean a few short hours of daylight between 18 hour nights.
our very own wheat patch
Because it is only a few days off from my own solar return, I have long considered this day a new year of sorts. As things stand on this day, so they often go for the entire year.

Last year, my oldest cat had just died, and she was one in a long string of deaths around me in the previous six months. My garden was a shambles and I was struggling to keep up emotionally.

This year is different. Although there is plenty of illness in our world, there are a lot more signs of hope than there were. My garden looks like it has mainly made the commitment to grow and give fruit. The last week has brought birth announcements, wedding and graduation invitations, and other signs that life goes on and there is still hope in the world. The potential loss that remains seems much more a part of the natural cycle than it did last year. Not my favorite part of the cycle, and very hard because this time the illness is much closer to home (see Rod's post above)--but still balanced.

This year may have some hard moments and some very painful losses, but it will be balanced by some good things, I think, and this is life.

I hope you all see a tip of the balance for the better this year -- Happy Solstice!

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