18 June 2009

A Discovery

Thanks to Sue, over at A Mother's Heart, I have a new discovery -- a fairly painless way to figure out what level your child is reading at.

Sue pointed out the Leveled Book Lists. The Leveled Books List site is hosted by the McCarthy-Towne School in Acton, Massachusetts. It lists common elementary-level books and their grade-level assessment. I can, if I decide to, pick up a book from each level and sub-level, and have Jack read them to me. When we get to the place where he gets frustrated, or stops understanding what he's reading, I will know what level he'd reading at.


I have checked some titles Jack has been enjoying a lot, but I don't know that I'm going to make time for a real analysis any time soon -- but it's cool to know I could do it for free and with just a trip to the library.

Thanks, Sue!


  1. I was thinking about this just yesterday. When I wrote that I was done with reading troubles.
    Some might say "second grade reading!?!" and gasp that that's enough for me.
    Watching Trev learn this process naturally and loving the act and being interested in everything... there's so much love in it there for both of us.
    What I meant was, of course, that he's inquisitive and interested in life, and will continue to grow and reach and want to learn.
    That's what I most want.
    A thirst for discovering, and a love for the processes.

  2. Oh, I agree completely, Stephanie! I have delighted in your description of Trev's love for reading. Jack has a similar love for books!

    That *is* the most important thing!

  3. go green Misti


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