09 July 2009

Ahhhh, summer!

I love this little acre of ours all year long, but somehow in summer Chez Smiffy becomes utterly enchanting.From the cardinal couple in the lilac bush to the flocks of orioles swarming everywhere, the robins that seem to be everywhere and and the warrens of rabbits coming out to silflay in the evening, the place is just alive with furry and feathered neighbors.

But this year one of the greatest charms has been the huge loads of berries on or black raspberry bushes and mulberry trees. We eat some of them right off the bushes, bake with some of them into pies and cobblers, and put others in smoothies or fresh, homemade ice cream. It has been a very berry summer...and somehow the picture of my little boy headed out with a steel bowl to harvest his dessert warms my heart in ways that little else does.

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