29 July 2009

A Quick Update

A Quick Update

 We are offline and without a home phone for the moment. 


Yesterday, we fired Comcast for willful incompetence amounting to larceny and it will take a little while (maybe two weeks) to arrange a new internet service provider.


I wanted to let everyone know because it happened rather abruptly and I didn't have a chance to send out a notice -- I didn't want y'all to worry! 


I think the current plan is that Rod will convert his cell phone to a monthly plan and we will use that as 'the family phone".  If you need to rech us, you probably already know Rod's cell phone number.


I plan to continue to blog onto my computer and will post things when we're back online.  Maybe..with any luck.  ...or  maybe I'll just enjoy a computer free holiday.  ;)

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  1. I look forward to you getting back online! It is always great to have fellow Pagan homeschooling family blogs to read.


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