02 July 2009

Sari took some gorgeous photos on Monday...

We were out to pick strawberries with our friends Sue and Sari and their children, not to be immortalized, but somehow Sari caught the essential us. Not glamorous, just happy as can be!
How she managed to do that in just a few apparently random shots, while we were unflatteringly dressed and inelegantly posed, I cannot fathom.
But when we have the money for a formal sitting, Sari will be at the top of our list!
(And the strawberries are wonderful, too!) (I do wish I'd combed my hair, though.)


  1. Your hair looks to me like it is blowing in the wind -- not unkempt or messy at all.


  2. How fun!
    I love that Jack is shielding his eyes in the first picture.
    And of course the last one is just beautiful. :)

  3. Sure looks like you guys are enjoying your summer! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh we are, we are, Gina! Thanks!


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