05 July 2009

Today's adventure ...

We had quite an adventure today!

First we headed out and picked up Grandpa John, and then we headed to a petting zoo. It was kind of fun; a small (and so inexpensive) but clean and friendly farm with a handful domesticated critters.

I'm not sure i want to know, though, why their goats didn't smell like goats. Or why they were so laid back.
After an hour or so of petting goats and ponies, and rabbits, and chickens, we went to the store to buy food for a picnic at the park -- vegetables and dip, strawberries, bread and cheese, and watermelon. Perfect for a hot afternoon!
On our way out of the grocery store, a lovely woman chased Jack across the parking lot to give him a handful of balloons. (How does he do that!?!?)

Then we came home and made the garden smell bad. More of that tomorrow.


  1. I'm curious which zoo that was.

    Hm... too bad you can't import the missing goat-smell into the project to make the garden smell bad. :)

  2. It was the Heritage Park Petting Zoo in Taylor.

    Yeah, the goat smell wouldn't have all the right nutrients, but it would smell just as bad. *laugh*

  3. Jack always gets all the women.

    Making the garden smell bad sounds like fun. I wish I had been free to help, but I had to work. Somebody has to keep the place running.

  4. Making the garden smell bad isn't so bad. I do it once a week or so. The problem comes in trying to get the smell off my hands. It sticks through washings and showers and more scrubbings. Rod finally discovered that scrubbing with baking soda seems to work. (Washing dishes also helps a lot.)


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