24 November 2009

Art practicum

Ever since we went to see the Van Goghs at the DIA, Jack has been asking to take a painting class. The problem is, I know very little about painting,so I taught him a few "techniques" (like colour mixing and layering rather than smooshing everything together at once) and then I was tapped out.

Then, on Sunday, as I was walking past the new books table at the library, I saw it! Painting for the Absolute and Utter Beginner by Claire Watson Garcia. I checedk it ouot, of course, but so far I have only had a chance to really read the first few exercises, but she really does start with the assumption that her student has no experience with paint. I think this might be where jack and I start our painting classes. I'm pretty excited!

(Jack was pretty thrilled about the Van Gogh paintings, but has reached an age where he feels pretty self-conscious about us making a spectacle of ourselves in public. Thus the dour look.)

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