25 November 2009

Jack's I Love My Friends party

Every November, on his half-birthday, Jack hosts an "I Love my Friends" party.

Birthdays are small family affairs in our family, but that was no reason to keep Jack from the utter coolness of hosting his own party, so this was our solution. He has a lot of friends, and it;'s always hard for Jack to narrow it down to the number of friends we can accommodate.

This year, we settled on seven, because Jack will be seven on his next birthday. Siblings don't count, of course, because they're always welcome.

(For the record, I wasn't able to get a message to everyone asking permission to use their photos, so we are featuring friends whose permission we have to use their photos -- but there were lots of equally wonderful people there.)

Anyway, since we weren't sure of the weather, we set up a colouring table for everyone to play on while wqe waited for everyone to arrive -- but it turned out to be a gorgeous day, and everyone went outdoors to play as they arrived.

That meant that parents were able to get together and chat while the kids played outdoors, which was a novel treat!

We saw tree climbing, hide and seek, and various games of running and screaming from the windows. Carson's big sister, Heather, brought him to the party and the agreed to man the camera. These are her photographs. Thank you, Heather, for the wonderful photos! You're very talented!

Anyway, once the kids started drifting in, we served popcorn and juice and set them to work painting photo frames. I was amazed at the excellent work they all did! This is a definitely artistic group!

Then we handed out photos and various party favors, and photos to put in the frames, the we all chose from the wrapped ooks everyone had brought to share -- and it was suddenly over.

We all had a blast -- thank you, everyone for coming over and sharing our day. We love you all!

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