22 November 2009

chillin at Luwak

ahh, well. I was sure I had taken and uploaded a bunch of pictures to blog, but I don't find them on my drive. Nor can I think what they were. Oh well, maybe it was the last batch.

Things are going well for us -- news of two new summer babies has brightened our Sunday (Congrats to K&A and Tash!) . Sad news, too. My poor aunt and uncle have lost another of their children -- that makes three for the same family in just a very few years. Aneurysm ... the same thing that seems to get so much of our family. I have many cousins, and I barely knew this one at all, so it's not a personal loss but I am sad for my aunt and uncle.

Rod is getting better, with forrays into the gloom of detox. (Many years of wheat toxins have to be gotten rid of somehow. It's bad enough that I'd be worried, except that between bouts of dreadful, he is getting healthier and more energetic on each cycle.) The bread and crackers problem remains, because nothing we're finding quite does what we miss most -- crackers on which to eat cheese and dips, and sandwiches. Oh well, it's not hard to find other things to eat, we just miss quick standbys.

It's amazing how when Internet isn't available, other things expand to fill the time. We've been happy and busy, but it's hard top think what it is we've been doing.

Card making, definitely. We have over 50 cards made, so lots of choices and Jack has even made extras for himself. Of course that just means we forgot someone. ;)

School, yes. That's going, but slowly. Jack has slowed right down on academics for the moment and is instead focused on Star Wars. That's OK, because he seems to be a tidal schooler. he hits the books with great enthusiasm for a while and then turn shis moind elsewhere for a while, only to return with great enthusiasm -- and a much better grasp of things he studied before his break.

He has also gone "seven" right on schedule. His emotional and developmental milestones seem to happen at his half-birthday. (That's what the photos were -- his I love my friends party. I bet they're still on my thumb drive, which I left home. pooh.) At seven, he is somber and serious and not as happy go lucky as he was a few months ago. He is also making a different kind of jokes and has grown into a very substantial young man. Tall, heavy, and very strong, with new long hair on his arms and legs.

I wish i had something scintillating to say, but I'll try to blog over the holiday -- there should be lots of time. ;)

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