11 November 2009

Checking in ...

Hey, all!

Now that I have a laptop, I hope to be able to blog more. (If I can download my mail, rather than checking on the web interface, I should be able to spend my cafe time on blogging and facebook, right?)

We're going on 'a quarter of a year' since we went to no Internet at home, and it's going reasonably well, though I have started to feel a little cut off, since I can only check my mail once a week or so if I have to sit somewhere to do it.

I would have expected lack of Internet to result in a far tidier home and a far more organized life -- but it hasn't so much.

The up side hasn't been what I expected, but it has been wonderful in its effect on the family dynamic. These days we do e-mail deliberately and we spend far more time interacting as a team. I am loving that!

The attached photos are of Jack's Mesopotamian robes, as described in Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors.

He seemed pretty excited at the idea when I read it to him. He seemed pretty excited when he was choosing the cloth. He seemed pretty excited when we started...but as you can see, he doesn't find robes all that comfortable. *laugh*


I can certainly understand that -- in my old age I haven't found much patience in my heart for dresses, either, though I still like the way they look.

I have also been making progress on my Yule cards for this year. Our minimum total (for family) was 50 and I am well more than halfway done. I may be able to manage a few extras for very close friends this year! I'm ambivalent about whether to post them here, though...

Jack had his annual "I love my friends" party last weekend. I haven't managed to get the photos from that onto this computer yet, so I hope to blog that in a day or two. The short version was that I was amazed at how well that came off...in spite of my silliness in giving out various start times depending on when I was asked. *embarrassed blush*

On the health front (we're gotten old enough that there always seems to be a health front these days...) Rod is doing amazingly well since he got off wheat. He is healing just fast enough top be frustrated at what he feels like he ought to be able to do. He got "poisoned" once and it was very, very clear that he is going to have to be very careful -- his gasping for breath all night was really scary and it took over a week before he was starting to get stronger again.

I finally entirely stopped being dizzy a few weeks ago...only to be hit by pleurisy on the same side on which my ear had been giving me trouble. Now that has cleared up, too, and I am finally starting to feel human again, just in time for my doctor appointment to finally come.

They say "Old age ain't for sissies" but I'd say middle age is no picnic, either. (Oh hush! I am too middle-aged. I won't be old until I'm over 90.) ;)

I think I have started to pull together that last installment of the writing your own curriculum essay, too. Anyone have anything they want to make sure I include?

What else? After all this time there should be more. I'll work on another blog to be uploaded on Saturday or Sunday. Have fun!

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