04 December 2009



Jack and I got out the Yule decorations last night and started decorating the parlour.


Remember the sewer backup we had last spring?  The smelly one that I thought wasn't "too big a deal" because the sludge didn't get near anything but rugs? 


I was wrong. 


It was a big deal.


While none of the Yule stuff got *wet*, it was in tubs that were not vapor tight, and now a lot of the stuff smells like mold and some of it has a hairy coat.  I can hand wash the stuff that is made or porcelein, glass, or plastic, but I am at wits end about how to clean the ribbons and bows and intricate fabric ornaments.  I expect it involves a toothbrush -- and while I am sure I could get the visitble mold off just with brushing, I'm not sure it's worth doing if I can't skill the spores.  (Since it would then pose a threat to everything else every year in storage.)  I suspect that getting it wet would just make the situation worse.


I have some research to do.





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