05 December 2009

Jack's art class

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Jack has been attending a new art class. I have been just croggled at how much progress he has made.

My first thought was that they must be "mostly doing it for him" -- they are just amazing, especially given Jack's age and what he was capable of before.

They may be doing some of it for him, but I have to say that his confidence has leaped and he is a lot happier about art these days so whatever they're doing is working just the way I had hoped it would!

The classes are at D&M Studios in Canton, and they're about $12 per week...amazing.
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  1. Wow, that is awesome!!

    I especially like all the personality that shines from the drawing of the turkey. :)

  2. *laugh* Thanks, Valerie! Me, too.


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