14 December 2009

Well now that's interesting...

Well now that's interesting...


Not necessarily in a good way, but interesting.


Since my doctor appointment back in November, once I'd had the blood tests run, I have been essentially wheat free.  I haven't been super careful when eating away from home, but since we're wheat free at home, and rarely eat out, it's just hadn't come up.  (In the period before my doctor appointment but after we went wheat free at home, I made sure to get a "dose" every day, so that the blood tests could be conclusive. I stopped that once I had the blood drawn since the easiest source of wheat was nasty stuff from the machines at work.  Yuck.)


Well, over the few weeks, I had gradually become more energetic, my thinking had become clearer, and my arthritis had been waning.  On Saturday, we went out to dinner and I had a dinner roll.  Today, I am sooo achy.


I am not going to be surprised to hear it if the doctor tell me on Wednesday at my followup appointment that I am sensitive to wheat.  I feel fortunate that my symptoms aren't as dire as Rod's.  Feeling old and achy is way better than being unable to breathe!  I could still cheat occasionally if that's as bad as it gets.  Rod warned me, though, that his symptoms became far worse once his system was cleared of all gluten...so maybe not. 





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  1. Interesting! There's a celiac forum where I sometimes hang out, where the people do a LOT of research and really know their stuff, and the people who know the most about it are convinced that *everyone* should be gluten-free and that gluten is poisonous to everyone. I have no idea what they base that claim on, and usually I take it as just a sign that they're imagining things, but it is interesting to hear that it's been true for you.

    I hope you continue to feel better!


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