13 January 2010

Dental Work

Dental Work

Jack is having his first tooth filled today.  In about two minutes, actually.


My stomach is in knots.


There are very good reasons I am not there to share this important milestone.  His dentists are superb -- very gentle and caring.  I am sure that, if I can contain myself, they will do a great job of helping Jack not to develop my terror of all things dental.  I suspect that my fear wouldn't have a particularly soothing effect on Jack, so I sit here unable to concentrate on anything but the fear I hope my little guy isn't experiencing.



 Mamma Bear. 




*twitch*  *twitch*


  1. Hope it went well! I'm guessing that Jack was quite a trooper. I know how you feel since this is how I feel whenever my kids are in competitions. I don't attend my son's science competitions as my presence would just make him more nervous and not have the calming effect that I normally do. :)


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