12 January 2010

It's been one of "those" mornings ...

It's been one of "those" mornings ...

I woke up early and got my chores done in record time. I showered and dressed carefully, since I have several meetings today.  My hair was behaving and my skin was, for a change, not scarlet after my shower.  (Gotta love rosacea...)  I even managed to make a condolance card Rod wanted to send before work.


And then I left the house.


In hugging me goodbye, Jack tugged on my hair, loosening the pins so that my bun was now on slightly crooked.


My hands were full, so when my trousers slipped down as I walked from the car to the office, there was little I could do.  The cuffs of my trousers got filled with salty mud -- which made for slippery walking, so I also spilled my cup of coffee on myself several times.  On the walk, I also evidently managed to jar both my salad container and my soup thermous, and the leaked all over me...so I smell like a vinegraitte withy turnips. 


So...how's your day going?






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