27 January 2010

Homeschooling breakthrough in Michigan!

Homeschooling breakthrough in Michigan!


I am beside myself with excitement!  I just discovered that the Michigan e-Library is now available through the library web site (IPAC).


That means that any book at any participating library in the state is available for our use -- and I can order it myself and just ask Rod to pick it up when it comes in!  We have been buying a lot of books we didn't actually need to own because the library didn't have them and I didn't have time head down to the library to submit endless requests for inter-library loan.  The librarians have always been very nice about it, but it takes a long time and I can usually get it from Amazon weeks before I can get to the library.


That's no longer a problem -- and it increases the number of books we can try, since I don't have to be as careful about a potentially inappropriate 9for us) book if I can just return it to whence it came.   We're going to save a fortune by buying only the books we actually want to own and we're going to have a deeper and broader pool of resources for a richer curriculum than we used to. 


You know, I wanted to homeschool the older boys, but I have to admit that even had I been able to, there is no way I could have provided them with the education Jack is getting.  I just LOVE the 21st century!

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  1. Unfortunately, I *think* I read that the interlibrary loan program was potentially up for cancellation, because of state budget cuts. :(

    I've used it a lot, online via the Ann Arbor public library, and I'd be sad to see it go.

    I hope my information about this is outdated or inaccurate.


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