23 January 2010

I see by my ConFusion....

I haven't been to a Science Fiction Convention for something approaching
a decade.
I like the people. I like the events. I just haven't had time, what
with so many other interests...
But I have though for at least that long that my friend Mark would enjoy
conventions, so when he voiced an interest this year, I was quick to
offer to accompany him and show him the ropes.
I decided to "ghost" rather than to attend, in part because I could use
the time to sit quietly and blog and write letters while Mark attends
panels, and in part because I don't really want to get pulled back in.
I do enjoy the people and I do like the conventions...but we don't have
enough time as it is and Rod is very uninterested in SF.
So, I am sitting here at the hotel, not quite invisible with a laptop in
front of me. It's been interesting to see so many familiar faces, 10
years later -- and because I am not expected, the changes the years have
wrought have made me unrecognizable, too.
It's an interesting experience.
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  1. Hey, what convention? I would've come too!


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