19 March 2010

And so it goes...

Well, Jack and I didn't end up doing any school yesterday. (Unless you count one episode of Alton Brown over dinner. That DVD is late getting back to the library and we're in a hurry.)

It seems that when he was helping Miss Tiffani move, Miss Linda said something about a 'thank you ice cream cone'...but there wasn't time in the end.

So, when we got home, Jack, remembering our adventure of the night before, suggested that Dad drop us off at DQ on his way past. It was agreed all round.

Jack and I enjoyed our ice cream, and then walked the 2.5 miles home. The ice cream fun, but the walk home was the real adventure!

It took us about two hours. I could have done it in half that time, but we had to stop and explore every beautiful stone and interesting leaf impression along the way. We wandered off the path and explored a bit, we giggled and skipped, and just generally enjoyed each other and the warm evening.

By the time we got home, it was quite dark and past bedtime.

There was just time to start some vegetables steaming to go with the sate beef that Rod had started before he picked me up from work and to set the table...and then Dad was home, we ate dinner, and headed to bed. (Have I mentioned that Rod is a fabulous cook?!?!?)

We're almost done with White Fang. I'm glad. Jack has been on a Jack London kick lately. I think it started with the shared name. While I agree that London is an excellent writer, and his stories are compelling, they're also emotionally exhausting. And this is the second one in a few weeks. (We read Call of the Wild this winter, too.) I don't think any more London will come into the house until Jack is up to reading it for himself.

This weekend is Ostara. We'll be celebrating with the usual gifts and egg hunt, by starting our first seeds, and by cutting our big paper flowers to put in place of the snow flakes in the windows. It's supposed to snow Sunday, and as Jack and I discussed on our journey, we love winter...but we are SOOO ready for spring now.

Hope your day is a beautiful one!

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