31 March 2010


I've been standing here trying to figure out what is interesting enough to blog tis morning.

The very enthusiastic bird outside the kitchen window, announcing morning in the darkness is pretty cool -- but unlike Rod and Jack, I can't name birds by their songs yet.

(Yes, I said standing. I compute standing at the kitchen counter -- it lets me multi-task more efficiently. While I was pondering, I also made up a batch of laundry detergent. Peppermint...yum!)

Homeschooling, such as it is, is still going really well. I think we're evolving toward something that looks a lot like "child-directed classical studies". Didn't know you could do that, but OK.

Jack has a new science "text" that he has been obsessing over. I wanted to have something we could use in a linear way and this one seems to fill the bill...if we can get Jack to go back and do the experiments. (He grabbed it in the car as we left the Border's Educators' Sale and read it for the rest of the day...and has been reading it aloud to anyone who will listen and giggling since then.) I have to say that while this may not be the way I had envisioned using it, I like having books that are full of useful information that also grab a kid were he lives. I also keep finding that when I want to read something from his school stack with him, there is a good chance that he's already ready it to himself. If he can give me a verbal synopsis, he gets the credit. I wasn't expecting this method to start just yet, but it does seem to be his favorite.

It's still a ways off, but I have been collecting materials to start studying Latin seriously next unit. My current project is making flash cards with useful phrases we can use around the house, in addition to Minimus and the Carducci Bolchazy readers we borrow from the library. We also bought the CD to help with our pronunciation.

Not sure how it got so late. I was up by 5:30 so I could get to work early. Um...oops.

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  1. I loved your description of Jack reading his new science text. :) What an awesomely enthusiastic learner!


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