01 April 2010

Quick update...

Rod has announced that Jack has now completed first grade math. Jack tells me that he got 95 out of 96 on the "test". Congratulations, Jack! (And thank you, Rod, for making math so much fun that Jack declares it his favorite subject!")

Also, in reading through his Core Knowledge book, Jack has rediscovered Winnie the Pooh. He was enthralled with it when he was younger, but then he went on to a million other books ... now he's reading it to himself and giggling as much as he did when it was a read aloud.

And in other news, I seemed to have been glutened again a couple of days ago ... I was on my way to recovery from Saturday's mishap but I seem to be worse off this morning than I was before. Ick. The risk of eating at the canteen is probably not worth it...but some days the alternative is not eating until I get home for dinner and I get so hungry...


  1. Congrats to Jack!

    Misti, can you stash some Tastybite Indian shelf-stable meals in your desk, for days when you don't have other food available? They're not organic, but they don't need refrigeration, are made with reasonably good ingredients, and say "gluten-free" right on the package on those varieties that are gluten-free.

    (I also once found an organic brand of shelf-stable Indian meals that says "gluten-free" right on the package, but stupidly I didn't save the info, and I've never seen it again.)

    I wish they were organic and not packaged in plastic, but I love being able to grab one from the stash in my pantry and go, anytime, without having to prepare food first.

  2. Congratulations Jack. I am glad you did well in math.


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