04 April 2010

Garden update April 4

I'm beyond exhausted, so I may end up leaving the photos to speak for me, but I want to get this in while I remember.

Today, I finished cleaning up the garden, and then Jack and I built up his own personal garden bed.

I finished up the walls and dumped in some compost, then we layered alfalfa, manure, rock dust, bone meal, blood meal, kelp meal, et al into it, and then dumped in some more manure and some clean dirt over the top.

We covered the whole ting with wet newspaper to keep the weeds down until we're ready to put in plants next month. No idea yet what Jack will go with, but his plot is ready to go.

Our next adventure was soaking some cardboard boxes and laying them down as paths where we don't have cinderblock to mark the beds yet. That went quickly.

We didn't manage to keep the stamina up to get potatoes in, so that and picking up some compost from the city are our priorities tomorrow. We'll have at least 7 hills of potatoes, so that will be a bit of work, but since it's mainly hilling sand, it's strenuous rather than difficult.

I also intend to experiment with using rock dust in the hills. I know that nitrogen is a problem when growing potatoes. Not sure what effect rock dust will have.
Checking on what carrots and beets want from their world, and then I'm off to bed.

Note: Looks like the beets and carrots want to go in tomorrow, too. And they seem to prefer similar soil: rich but sandy. Lucky me -- I have LOTS of sand. ;)

Night everyone!

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