15 April 2010

Update April 15

We got the lettuces in last weekend, but very little else.

I have been feeling just awful the last many days. Achy, tired. Kind of like I have been regularly "toxined" (like "glutened", but in this case I'm not sure of the source. Which means that either I am getting a source of a known allergen from an unsuspected source, or I have another allergen to track down. Yuck.)

It's hard to move or concentrate, so I have mostly stood around moping and wishing I felt better.

Tonight, though, Linda will be here, and I will get some work done out there.

First, I need to finish turning and supplementing the existing beds. Then I'll help Linda dig the new potato patch.

I am wondering how far we'll get with the new tomato and squash bed along the south side of the garage. I am alos wondering how well trellises will work to keep Mr Chuck the groundhog from eating all the tomatoes. I don't mind him sampling the lower fruits as long as the upper fruits are safe...but having read some more about his kin, I wonder.

Oh, well, we'll find out. We can always put up a fence if we have to...it seems to have worked well for the main garden, and in this case, we only need to string two walls, since the other two are the neighbor's fence and our garage.

In other news, we ave decided to enroll Jack in a martial arts course.

The timid, reluctant little boy of yesteryear has given way to a boisterous, energetic, aggressive young man who is bigger and stronger than he realizes.

With no siblings to play with, we need to find him a regular outlet for that energy that can also help him develop some self discipline...partly because self discipline is a good thing. Partly because he has started to inadvertently hurt me and some of his younger friends, and if we don't channel it now, it could become a real problem.

He's pretty excited and can't quite understand why he can't start yesterday! But we have to find the right sensei. I know we won't find Miyagi, but we'd like to avoid Kreese. ;)

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  1. Hope you're able to track the source of your health woe.

    I love the photo of jack digging. Ain't nothin better than kids diggin in dirt! :)

    I also like the new photo of you in your sidebar; you look very warm and friendly. :)

    Martial arts...fantastic; the perfect outlet. I'm still trying to find a class for Esa.


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