16 April 2010


I went to high school long, long ago and far, far away.

In high school, I had three best friends.  Todd Heaton, Anita Bright, and Sylvia Heitzman.  I remember walking arm in arm down the schools halls, doing the "monkey walk" and singing "That's the way I like it" at the top of our lungs.  Hanging out at the train station, eating platano chips, drinking Malta Vigor, and pouring our hearts out late into the night.  Sharing french fries and club sandwiches at the CZ Commissary. 
We were...well, we were kids like all kids.  We had huge hopes and dreams that we knew were going to come true.  
Sylvia had her first child in our senior year, just before graduation.  Anita and I had our first children a year later.  All were boys.  Todd looked like making good -- he studied computers and was coming up in the world.  Then we were all swept away in our new lives and we lost touch. Such a common story.
When we were in our late 20s, Todd was working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Southwest.  His new wife was expecting their first child, and Todd died in an automobile accident.  I heard about it a few years later.
Now I have discovered Anita's obituary.  She died a few years ago at the age of 48 or so.  No idea how. 
That leaves two of us. 
I wonder how Sylvia's doing.


  1. I am very sorry about Todd and Anita.

    You sound like you are thinking of looking up Sylvia. I think you should do it!!!

  2. I've been trying, Valerie, but there isn't much on the web and what there is seems to have stopped in the 90s in DC. She may have married then...


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