01 April 2010

Well, poop...

We were already running late this morning when we got out to the car, and discovered that our car had been "broken into" overnight. 
Now "broken into" really only describes the emotional reaction not the reality because the car was unlocked (I long ago realized that it would cost more to replace a broken window than to replace anything likely to be in the car -- and the car isn't worth stealing except as a getaway vehicle.  It was cheap more than a decade ago.) 
The garage was wide open, too.  We had, again, forgotten to close it up when we got home for the night.
There was nothing there to steal and no permanent damage was done, nonetheless cleaning up the mess enough to get us into the car took time we couldn't actually spare, making me late for work on a day when I had a pretty important meeting first thing.
And then there's the feeling of violation.

Such a contrast to the gorgeous weather.


  1. Very ungood. You will have to start closing the garage or they will be back week after week until you have nothing.

  2. You mean if we leave the garage open they'll clean it out?!?!?! Woah, that may be worth considering!

    Thanks, Stephanie.

    Oh, and I was wrong. They stole about a dollar in pennies and a phone charger...


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