10 April 2010

The Experiment by Jack

The experiment was one plant with no water or sunlight and one with exactly the opposite. It was one pumpkin plant.
The no water and sunlight one didn't grow.

The other one did.

Then we moved the unhappy one from the deep darkness and it still didn't grow!

We'll try and give the unhappy one some water and see what happens next.
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  1. I suggest afterwards try to grow one first in darkness with water and add the light afterwards (now you have added the light first):) The result might surprise you (or Jack). :)

    I had to start learning some biology/botany this year for my project and last time I studied biology was in high school. For me it was particularly surprising to find that plants can actually sense their surroundings, based on what they need most (sunlight radiation).

    If you plant a pot with several plants close to each other and at another pot plants more far away you will notice that at first they behave the same, but afterwards the ones in more densely populated pot will start to grow up (get taller) much much faster - trying to outgrow the plants that are threatening to shade them. Or if you grow a plant and you introduce shading from one side at some point it will start to grow much faster to the other side (towards the light) and then you switch the shading it will start to grow into other direction. :)



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