04 April 2010

Smiffy's Herbal search

I'm trying to find the name for this tasty gem.I thought it was a mustard, but none of my research using that name turns up a picture that resembles this. It has a lovely almost lemony undernote to the green flavour and I am now thinking it might be sorrel.

Can anyone verify one way or the other?


  1. It almost looks like a Forget-Me-Not, but not quite. So I'm stumped. You could try asking on ArborSeeds, maybe -- people there always love a puzzle. :)

  2. Good thought Valerie. Thanks. I am now thinking it's sorrel, but maybe someone there can confirm ...

  3. Misti - this looks very much like the perennial French Sorrel that I have been growing for years in my garden. This is the best time of year to use it in the kitchen before the weather warms up, it soon sends up blossom spikes and tries to make seeds. It is delicious in salads and I think Julia Child has a nice recipe for Cream of Sorrel Soup, which I made once. Enjoyed looking at the Chez Smiffy website - I know Rodney as a fine tenor from choir and fellow music student at 1stUUAA. Enjoy the sorrel!


  4. I don't know what it is (although my guess is sorrel) but I had it in my supper last night and it was yummy. My hubby swears your photo looks just like the plant I was rinsing off and I have to say that I agree with him. Have you guys tried dandelion fritters yet? I bet Jack would like them (and you can use a nongrain based batter I bet).


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