11 April 2010

Washtenaw County Kids (and parents) Book Exchange signup

Hey, all!

It's time again to sign up for the next round of the Washtenaw County Kids (and parents) Book Exchange. Please feel free to share this note with anyone you know who may be interested!

For those who don't know, there is a tub of books (or two or three) that gets passed from one family to another all over Washtenaw county and occasionally beyond. You're welcome to get in on the exchange!

-- One day between now and fall 2011, you'd get a call from someone wanting to drop off the book tub.

-- The tub will be delivered to your door within the next week or so.

-- You and your children will look through the tub and claim the books you want to keep.

-- Put the rest of the books along with any books that you want to pass along, back in the tub.

-- Call the next person on the list, which is attached to the lid of the tub.

-- Take the tub to the next person on the list, drop it off, and send an e-mail to me to let me know where the tub is.

-- And your commitment is done!

The book tubs have been taking about 19 months to make its rounds. I intend to start at one end of the county and go through to the other, so that fewer people will have to make long trips for drop-offs. I hope that will shorten the time the circuit takesd and make everyone's life easier.

The books so far have ranged from baby board books (lots!) to classic tales for the older child and there are usually some parenting books in there, too. The only rule is that *the materials must be for children or about raising them*. This tiime, we'll be setting up two lists: baby books and kids books. You can sign up for one or both, just specify which you want.

Ideally, books you contribute will have all their pages and if you only have one book to send along, you won't take *all* of the other books. ;) (But don't worry if you don't have anyting to share this time...we have plenty to spare.)

Some books have looked brand new, others have been obviously well loved but Jack and I have found five or six wonderful books each time we've gotten the tubs!

If you want to join the exchange:

Send your name and phone number and rough location (so no one has to go too far) to me along with the tubs you want (Bigger kids or babies). My @ress is misti (at) delaney-smith (dot) net

I'll add you to the list. I'll be accepting sign-ups until April 25, at which time the tub will start circulating again. (Assuming the books have reached my house by then.)

(I have been asked, and yes, if you have books to donate, but you don't want the tub to come to your house, you can get them to me and I'll add them to the tub before it heads out.)

Thanks everyone!


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