23 March 2010


I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, so please forgive me if I'm a little loopy.

Why? No particular reason that I know of -- it was just a lot of free-roaming angst attached to nothing specific. Might be that Grand-cross right on my natal Sun Saturn opposition. Might be that I had too many blankets on. Either way, I was up and down several times and had odd dreams when I did manage to sleep. But I'm not usually insomniac, so I can survive a day or two of restless night.

The good news is that I have stablized enough to start some food challenges. That is, adding one new food at a time to see what effect it has. On Friday, I tried quinoa. No problem there. At least in moderate amounts. Monday evening, I tried brown rice. So far so good. It's nice to start having some grain options again. (Of course, soon after I wrote this, I developed an itchy rash and the very sore hands and wrists that once heralded the trouble to come, so it's time to get clear and try again, reversing the order this time. Oh, well.

Even better news is that after dinner on Sunday, we started doing some school as a family. Jack was so into it, and kept begging for more, that it was well past bedtime (11pm!) before Rod and I said "Enough!" and proclaimed school was out for the evening. That was quite a thrill for me. We were studying Egypt, you see, and this is the boy who keeps proclaiming that he "hates history". he says that -- but any time we do study histpry, he's eager to know more and reluctant to stop. I wonder whether it may havbe anything to do with all of us working together ... a few weeks ago, I again realized that I was envious of Rod and Jack getting to study so much without me...so I asked Rod to print out his check list, and I started inviting Jack to sit with me. Rod has started to join us often and Jack's enthusiasm is growing by the day. Especially because he has a remarkable memory and can often fill in the details I have forgotten in my own narrations!

We had our friend, Sue, over yesterday. Sue is a professional photographer and she shot the first professional portraits of our family. Ever. Even better, her contract says that we own the photos and I am free to share them with you here on Chez Smiffy as well as printing as many as I want -- I can't wait to see them!

I had planned to plant over my long weekend, but what with one thing and another (like the sun in Aries and the moon in Geminii) tonight seemed like a better plan. I don't think that Linda will be able to come over and play, but she has given me a pretty good idea how to get started. I feel confident for the first time that this is going to go just fine. I also dreamt about the garden last night -- in my dream I went out to clean up the garden bed and get it ready for planting, and I discovered that all over the yard -- not just in the garden, but everywhere, instead of the muddy spring soil I was expecting, I foudn that volunteers has already started popping up. They were beautiful -- lush and colourful, though as volunteers, they were not in any sort of a planned bed. I also noticed that there was plenty of room in the planned beds for the seedlings I wanted to plant. It seemed like an optimistic dream and it made me happy.

After I get some early seeds "softening" by Linda's methods, I will go up to the craftroom and finish the cards for the babies I know of who are on the way...and maybe while I'm at it, I can also get some photos of the cards I made at Emily's last Scrapbook haven card class.

Hmmm. That's a lot of plans for someone who didn't get much sleep last night.

We'll see.

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