06 August 2010


Having Corey here has been absolutely wonderful!

Not only is is marvelous just to have him here, but he has gone out of his way to lend a hand with some project or other just about every day. He and Rod have trimmed some trees that had dead branches too high for Rod to handle alone, they've cleared up some fallen limbs that were accumulating, and done heaps of other major yard work.

Then, yesterday, we were all out when Corey arrived home from an overnight visit with a friend, so Corey busied himself with opening a garden in front of the house that had been lost to weeds over the last four years! I had mentioned in passing that I wanted to get to that one of these weekends and came home last night (after a long day -- it was 9pm before I got home) to find it done. What a sweetheart!

On the less enchanting side, we have a mouse. A very brave (stupid?) mouse that makes little effort to keep out of sight. He isn't leaving feces all over the counter tops like his predecessors, but he does scamper about underfoot while we're up and trying to prepare and eat meals.

Time to set out a peanut butter feast for him and arrange a one-way ticket to the wilds far, far away.

If we were sure how long we could commit to a pet, I'd say it was time to consider a cat again. But we're not. And Rod's asthma is better...but I'm not sure he really wants to risk it. Oh well.

Jack wasn't entirely sure about 'sharing his Mamma' when Corey first arrived, but Corey has slipped so easily into our family life that Jack has decided that Corey is the ultimate in cool -- his first question every morning: "Where's Corey?" Any time Corey is away visiting friends, Jack wants to know when he'll be back. It's so cool to have my two youngest here together for several weeks!

But, of course, we've also been keeping very busy. That's what visits are for, right?

More soon!

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