23 August 2010

Update 23 August

I'm back...I think.
It's been a crazy few weeks -- things didn't slow down after Corey left and Mercury retrograde -- or 'Mamma sadness', or something -- caused my brain to go mushy. That could have been more frustrating except that there has been no time to sit down at the computer, between weddings, and moving friends, and work, and bonding again with Jack, who announced to his Auntie that 'while Corey was here, he had most of Mamma's attention'. Jack waiting patiently, but became a bit of a barnacle once Corey was gone.

The photo is of the front garden that Corey dug out for us. It was there before, but it had gotten lost in tall grass. I planted a heap of seed in there...and autumn promptly announced itself. Oh well, maybe we'll put the three remaining (very sad) rose bushes in there and try again next spring.

Remember how 2008 was "the year of death"? Well, the wheel turns, and 2010 seems to be the year of babies. I think we're at 6 or 7 so far this year...much nicer!

I'll try for coherent tomorrow. ;)


  1. I thought that was coherent, though I know what ya mean about blogging while sleepy -- sometimes it's hard to tell how it came out until you look back at it later on when you are awake.

    I think it's sweet that Jack waited patiently for you to spend time with Corey while Corey was here. I don't think most kids under age 12 could do that. And Jack is a *lot* under age 12.

    I'm glad that this is the year of babies among your friends. It sure beats the year of death.

    Gads, I hope there aren't whole years of death. I've already lost three important people in 2010, and that is QUITE enough. :(

  2. Thanks, Valerie.

    Yeah, Jack was amazingly patient for a little guy -- it help, though, that he's more attached to Rod and Rod wasn't consumed by Corey's visit. ;)

    I am so sorry to hear that you've lost three important people! Ouch! I hope it's done now.


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