03 August 2010

Corey's birthday gift...

Months ago -- back last spring -- I mentioned that I was working on a large project for Corey's birthday, and that I would post photos when I was done.
Then I found out Corey was coming to visit, and I decided to give it to him while he's here, so work slowed down ... and then the garden took over my life. ;)
Well, Corey's here and his gift is *almost* done. Done enough for photos anyway.

In case it's not patently obvious, this is a "date minder" and correspendance tool.

Corey had mentioned that he wished he was better at keeping track of birthdays and the like, so I decided this might help. There is a folder to contain stamps, stationery, and cards. There is a perpetual birthday calendar to be hung over the current month's calendar as a reminder of who has a birthday this month. And there is a matching address book with lots of space for new addresses. I also included some cards made from some of his vacation photos that he's sent me over the years.

Now, to finish it up so hhe can take it with him.
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