02 February 2011

Maybe the 365 Project isn't right for you...

Last night, after watching me struggle to find one photo out of all I had taken, that I could use for my 365 project, Rod suggested that perhaps a 365 project isn't right for me.

He had also very probably noticed that the quality of the photos I had been posting has declined since I started the 365 project, because it'as true. Some of the photos I have chosen have been mediocre at best.

I think that the 365 project *is* right for me. The reason the photos aren't as good as some of my previous work is also the reason that I am doing this. In the past, I was a "luck" photographer. I love taking pictures, and I'd gotten pretty good at spotting the moment and framing the photo. But the camera was doing thew work. My photos aren't as snazzy these days because I have gotten the camera off "auto" and am learning about what I can do. I still don't always take the time to play with the settings like I want to -- time is still short and I am either in a hurry to get it done or very tired. Often both.

But in the past, I was usually taking pictures because there was something I didn't want to miss. That meant I didn't want to risk playing with settings and miss that perfect smile. Now I am trying something every day and the subject isn't the point - a still life isn't going anywhere, so I can try one setting after another to see what they do. I share with you less because i think you're interested and more so I have the incentive not to skip a day and so in a year, I can look back at what I have learned.

When I started three weeks ago, I had no idea how to take a low light photo. I am still not thrilled with the results, but I am impressed that I could get a recognizable photo with the light of three candles. In time I may learn to make a *beautiful* photo by the light of three candles.

Another reason that the 365 photos I share with you are less impressive than some of the others is that for the purpose of the project, I insist on sharing the photos without post-production work. (I mentioned this before, I think...) If the idea is to get control of the camera, then it only makes sense to take a clear look at what I did *with the camera*.

Anyway, thank you for your patience. I am trying not to let the project interfere with my actual blogging pace. ;)

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