13 February 2011

Signs that spring is coming...

Imbolg has passed and the signs of spring are, indeed, picking up speed.

What first brought that home to me was when Jack told Rod that "It's can't be time to get Mamma from work. It's still light!"

But after Rod told me about that, I started noticing other signs:

* box elder beetles are waking up and wandering through the house. Ick. But it's not to the Hitcockian levels of our first year here. We have three more years until that happens again. (Box elder beetles have a nine year cycle and we were just inn time for the high spot.)

* The trees in the distance are slowly, slowly taking on colour s they wake up. No leaves yet, but as the sap starts to run in the waxing light, they are glowing gold and pink in the grey brown distance.

*the frigid winter temperatures are giving way to balmy breezes (from -24C it has gone up, up, up to -1C) and the predictions for this week are warmer still.

My energy is rising and a good purge to get rid of the clothes that no longer fit, the toys that have ceased to be interesting, the papers that seems to leak into our home with the oxygen and everything else that doesn't make day to day life better.

It's not quite mid-February, and we'll see a lot of cold weather yet this winter,. but the signs of spring are unmistakable...and the seed catalogs have become compelling again.

How is it in your corner of the planet?

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