14 February 2011

Happy Lupercalia, everyone!

My darling boys made a *wonderful* surprise for me today. They got me in to work early, and so they picked me up early -- with armsful of flowers! They each got me my favorites...Rod gave me a single, glorious red rose and Jack gave me a bouquet of astrolomeria.

Then, on the spur opf the moment, Rod invited me out to dinner at MediteranO. We'd never been there and other than it having a great reputation in the food sensitivity crowd, we didn't know much about it.

It. Is. Amazing!

It's extremely rare for me to be served a meal in a restaurant that I can't make for myself. Usually better than the restaurant did. Of course, a large part of that is because we don't have a large dining budget, but that was absolutely not the case tonight.

The food is fantasic and the preparation is stellar -- and they have no confusion on the question of gluten. Since everything is made from scratch to order, they know what's in the food and they can adapt the menu to suit. Corn was a bigger problem, but the only really when they put powdered sugar on my creme brulee. Next time, I know to ask for it without. Since I am already have a lot of bone pain from the accident poisoning by vitamin capsule, I didn't bother to send it back this time.

I had salmon, Rod had Sea Bass, and Jack had paella. We were all delighted -- and then we had dessert, and shared tastes. My creme brulee was amazing, Rod's chocolate truffle cake was equally delicious, and Jack's berry sorbet was piquant and very satisfying. Yeah - -three different grain free desserts! Can you believe it? That's why we didn't resist.

We left the restaurant creaking at the seams and Jack has enough food left to last him for three more days! The bill was as high as you'd expect at a place this good -- definitely a special occasion restaurant, but it's so nice to have a special occasion restaurant so close to home!

I'm still not quite getting the effect I am looking for, but I suspect that's a problem with lighting. I've made great strides in getting usable photos in our dimply lit house, so I'm not too unhappy yet -- but I see other people's highly detailed photos and feel a bit dissatisfied with mine. Oh well -- it'll come.

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  1. Misti, what a great dinner!! When George and I were in Barcelona last year, we had tapas and/or seafood every day. I fell in love with Mediterranean food, and still miss it. Give your guys a kiss from me!


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