21 February 2010

The crafting draught...

I was wondering whether my unhappiness with my recent creations was "all in my head.
When I started crafting, I was almost never happy with my creations until after they'd "aged" a few days...
But, no. They've aged weeks or months. I still don't like the ones I made during the draught-- represented by these top two yellow ones. They're not horrible -- but I can't bring myself to send them to anyone who knows my work. I can't even put into words why I don't like them.

Oh well, the draught is over and I have made some I really like in the last few days.

But these I can send. Life is better.


  1. I think they're all lovely, but I do prefer the ones post-draught. :) I have this problem sometimes with writing.

  2. john morris wrote:
    > Misti, your new creations are lovely! I especially liked the first two
    > and the last ... they're wonderful! ... love j

  3. I thought the first one looked a little "muddy," but liked all of the rest of them. For whatever that's worth.

  4. Thanks, Michelle, Valerie, and John. Feedback is helpful. :)

  5. Hey Misit:

    Wonderful cards! You're very creative! :)



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