17 February 2010

The Little Red Hen Comes Home to Roost ...

Tuesday evening: "Jack do you want to help me make cookies or do you want to play chess?"

(absentmindedly) "I want to play Chess Kids, thank you."

Twenty minutes later: "What are you doing in there, Mamma?

"Making cupcakes"


Five minutes later, a young man appears at the kitchen door:

"Mamma, I know the story of the Little Red Hen. But, you know, you're not a hen. And I'm not any kind of barnyard animal...right?"

"Would you like to help?"

"YES!" and here he comes with a chair.

Funny boy. :)


  1. john morris wrote:
    Thank you Misti for the pictures of your little boy. He's not so little any more!~ love j


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